Our quality management system helps us achieve our ultimate goal:
customer satisfaction.

The quality of the components we deliver is the top priority in our digital incoming goods inspection. As a DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 certified company, we continually develop and improve our operations. We control the quality of components in our ESD-Sector with the help of the following steps:

  • Optical examination of the packaging for transport damages
  • Photographic documentation of the entire control operation
  • Component designation check on the basis of the manufacturer's data sheet
  • Counting delivered parts (e.g. with a counting machine for rolls or with a magnifying glass)
  • Acetone test to establish component authenticity
  • Detailed check with Vision Engineering PC-aided microscopes
  • Professional component packing taking MSL into account
  • Ensuring ESD protection during the entire testing process
  • Summary of the quality control in a test report


Our team consists of quality & logistics specialists and our Quality Management Officer. Staff are in in constant communication with the QMO and company management and suggest improvements for operations in their sectors. Check lists, test reports and copies of the detailed working instructions at every work station characterise our quality management for incoming merchandise checks. We meet our high standards We meet our own high standards, to deliver components of impeccable quality, through the continuous further development of the test steps and further training of our team.

Thomas Rissmayer, Managing Director, and Philipp Marnach, Quality Management Officer (QMO), are available to answer questions regarding quality in our company.