Procurement of Electronic Components

As an independent distributor of electronic components, AixTEC Components GmbH focuses its service primarily on procuring components for customers. As our customer, you reap the benefits of the AixTEC Components GmbH team’s more than 20 years of experience in buying and selling electronic components. Our procurement service can be divided into two fields; shortage management and the distribution business.


We support our customers with shortage management and search for allocated, discontinued or difficult-to-procure parts on your behalf. Our international supplier structure covers the most important markets in the USA, Asia and Europe, with our first concern, of course, always being quality. If there is a shortage, or if a  part was discontinued a long time ago, it is necessary to search the international markets for available stocks and, above all, check them for authenticity and quality. Long-standing connections to our regular suppliers enable us to make qualified statements about components, even those at far-off storage sites. After all, our business partners are the on-site experts. We are the search and rescue team for those difficult-to-procure components – contact us in an emergency!

Distribution Business

In the classic distributions business with standard components, it is AixTEC Components GmbH’s aim to convince customers with high quality, fair prices and a comprehensive range of services. In contrast to shortage management, the issue here is not tracking individual inventories, but ensuring annual product requirements at competitive prices. As an independent distributor, AixTEC Components acts as a flexible alternative to classic franchise distribution. We meet your needs from A-Z without being bound to specific manufacturers – as additional support for your independence or as a more favourable alternative with a high services ratio.

Your benefits:

  • Independence from regular suppliers
  • Favourable and flexible alternative
  • Delivery time optimisation
  • Framework agreements with safety storage for your annual product requirements
  • Retrieval on demand (just-in-time)
  • Data sheet service
  • Product Change Notification (PCN) service